Winter Update


Hardball! (Screen grab not mine)

The IIGS Project did sit idle for a few weeks, no doubt about that, but primarily because I've worked so much. Tonight I got the inspiration to tear the IIGS open and remove a couple cards (VOC and Superdrive), which ironed out a few problems I was having. Now that everything except the ROM 03 incompatible stuff is running, and I'm not having any heat issues, the IIGS is looking welcoming again.

What about your game, Chris?

Yes, that. Well, I'm still waiting on the delivery of some development tools I ordered back in July, honest injun, and I believe they'll be here soon finally. But it isn't all because of that. There's also plenty of work for me to do without that stuff, and it's still getting done. Sorry! Did I mention I hold two full-time jobs? How did you think I managed to afford that eBay IIGS shopping spree?

What I did tonight, was spend a few early morning hours playing all the fun IIGS games and rediscovering, for the umpteenth time this year, the joy of computing. And nothing's going to be me back in the thick of things faster than that, I promise you.