Making Moves

Hello, I haven't forgotten about this project in the least. Since last update, I've...

- Sold the RAMFast-D and PC Transporter back to the community via eBay because they weren't going to get used

- Replaced S5,D1 with a 1.4M Superdrive, which makes absolutely no difference

- Passed on several opportunities to replace the TWGS with a Zip GSX, because it would make absolutely no practical difference, other than the much smaller current draw, which isn't enough to convince me yet. The mess stays relatively cool and my power bill isn't outrageous.

- Replaced the RAMFast-D with an Apple High Speed SCSI card, with which I am much more pleased.

And perhaps more importantly, I've...

- Gotten ORCA/C set up and started to adjust to programming the IIGS in a higher-level language (I think I said I was going to do this back in the beginning, it just took me awhile)

- Set up a Generic Tile Engine development environment

- Poured a few more hours of work into making tile maps

- Made image dumps of the CompactFlash partitions and begun more rapid development in emulators (freeing up the actual IIGS for more important stuff like Task Force)

... Also considering putting this old Quantum Fireball to good use by building an experimental GNO HFS development system on it.

Frankly, this part of the project is where it gets boring to you, because I don't have a lot to say until a demo is released, which will be as soon as possible, as long as the 60+ hour work week cooperates. But progress is happening quickly, so who knows...