Sorry, no new code, but as always, some work on the IIGS and NeXT hardware.


The IIGS got a System Saver and a brand new CH Mach III. That's a RAMFast-D with 1MB cache sitting next to the monitor too. The more I mess with it, the less SCSI seems worth the hassle on the IIGS, with the Microdrive Turbo CF setup in place. But I'm not done playing with it yet. Also the System Saver IIGS allows the machine to be stable with the case on at 12MHz, so I think the whole setup looks a bit nicer. Oh and yeah, I might have some Superdrive hardware on the way after all. I've no idea why. But then why do I do any of this...


That's a screen shot from the nearly-revived NeXT Turbo Dimension cube. The monitor's really LCD, the fisheye effect is from the Nikon lens. I'm almost done installing and patching OpenStep 4.2 onto a 4GB 50-pin IBM disk I found today, and then I have to tidy up the setup a bit more, and it'll be done. I'm not sure how often it will be running, but I'm glad it will be able to do something again. These two machines are my only "vintage" computers and they should at least be operational if they're going to be worth more than scrap metal.


Here it is, booted up and awaiting the login...


And here we are all nice and logged in...


And another shot of the Workspace Manager.

I can't imagine there are very many Cubes like this one in operation today. This one has 128M of system RAM and 128M of Dimension RAM (only 64 of which it will actually use), the v74 ROM upgrade, and a Turbo CPU. I have the 90-pound Hitachi CRT that sold with it but I refuse to trot it out and thereby admit that I own a CRT. I also have an ADB soundbox, but never got into NeXT ADB peripherals. This computer was built by me in 1999 from parts dating back to 1991 or so, and for some time in 2000 actually served as a work desktop. Glad to see it alive again.