Adventures Continue

You know how these things go. Work happens. Life happens. Actually, first work got out of hand, then I may have overreacted by moving to the Florida Keys to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere as it were. But I assure you I'm no stranger to retrogaming despite the recent transplantation of my entire life.


Who's that next to the IIGS? Yes, its old nemesis the Amiga 500. They say they've gotten over that stupid misunderstanding from their BBS years and are the best of friends now. Which is nice because they share a scan doubler (I hesitate to lay out the cash for another one of those).

I've become a Master Detective on Where In The USA Is Carmen San Diego?, having solved some 37 cases. I've also played a ton of Gateway To Apshai on the Atari 130XE and Commodore 64 (DTV Joystick actually) and pondered the ease of porting it to the IIGS, particularly in light of rather complete documentation of how the entire game works.

Thank you to the gentleman who emailed me a couple weeks ago. The dream is alive, and I'll keep these pages up to date.