We Have A Pulse

Hello, and welcome to 65816.com. We're going to talk a lot about the Apple IIGS, and other matters of tangental interest, such as the Apple II family and retrocomputing. Let's start off by explaining the mission and ground rules for this site.

I want to discuss programming and enhancing the Apple IIGS. That's it. I enjoyed programming it in the 1980s, and two decades later, I lack all budgetary, parental, and time constraints, and that's why I'm doing it now. That's right, now that this kid is all grown up, he's building the train set he always wanted, because he finally can. Okay, there are other reasons in there as well, such as the fact that I don't see how I'll ever turn one nickel of profit from this, thus making it a purely voluntary hobby activity, which is something I can really appreciate after years of contract programming for hire.

This place isn't here to be a resource, but many of the sites in the "Further Reading" sidebar are. Here, it's just going to be pictures, musing, articles, source code... you get the picture. Maybe this site will be a footnote, maybe it will be something exciting. My aim isn't to sell ads or to be popular, I'm just trying to liven up the party a bit.