PC Transporter Works


No problem with the video really, except that sometimes the scan converter has to reset a couple times before getting it right. The Colorswitch card is switching between the output from the PC Transporter and the VOC. The Transwarp GS is not disabled.

I know the suggested bootstrap procedure is to find MSDOS on 720kbyte 3.5" floppies or whatever. Do not waste your time. Use this file provided by the Bochs sourceforge project. It is a raw dump of a 10-megabyte virtual hard disk, with FreeDOS installed. How convenient. After about 2 hours of pondering how I'd trick this all into happening, I ran across this file, transferred it to a ProDOS volume on the CF card with CiderPress, and set its filetype to $6F (HDV). I set the PC Transporter to use it as a C: drive, and everything worked.

Perhaps for the next PC Transporter update, we can cover Scorched Earth and Commander Keen.