Manipulating the PCTransporter HDV Image in OSX

... is pretty easy, considering it's just a raw HD image. First, pull it off your GS with CiderPress, then mount it up on the mac by typing something like this into a prompt:

% sudo hdiutil attach /Users/cshepher/Desktop/freedos-img/c.img
/dev/disk3              FDisk_partition_scheme        
/dev/disk3s1            DOS_FAT_12                      /Volumes/Untitled

At this point, a new volume called "Untitled" becomes useable on the Mac. I copy over a few test utilities and games (Tunneler? Space Quest? Astrotit?), and then..

% sudo hdiutil detach disk3
"disk3" unmounted.
"disk3" ejected.

At which point you're free to take c.img back down the CiderPress hole and into your GS (don't forget to set filetype to $6F as you do so. I always forget and it always costs me a reboot).

I'm not sure how much more I'll say about the PC Transporter, since a 640Kbyte MS-DOS computer with CGA graphics is primarily useful for making the IIGS look really really good by comparison. My guess is this card's primary use was Lotus123 and Wordperfect. Still an interesting thingy and I may yet find a use for it one day.

In other news, my development environment has made The Switch and is now completely hosted on the IIGS with Merlin 16+, and development has begun on some "My First" sort of desktop programs. Look for my first development notes to appear this weekend when I get down to real hackin.