eBay Luck and Other Musings

On eBay, I scored a TransWarp GS (unmodified at least until I get my hands on it), MDIDeas Supersonic sound card, Video Overlay Card, SCSI card and drive, and another Apple IIGS chassis (which doesn't appear to be in impressive shape, but who knows, it may be useful), for under 300 bucks.

Aside from TransWarp GS hackery, a Highway Electronics SCART-to-VGA scan converter, and possibly a heavy-duty power supply, my hardware-purchasing is finally coming to a close. Which, holy-moly, is a great thing, because I was beginning to wonder how much more I was willing to finance all at once.

Anyhow, back to the waiting game. Hopefully all my parts arrive this week, and the system I've been carefully planning, can come together and be photographed.