About The Author

Christopher Shepherd (no relation to Eric) is a software developer in the Florida Keys, primarily specializing in secure online payment systems. The Apple IIGS was his daily-use computer from late 1986 through approximately 1993. He attended KansasFest in 1992, and helped to demonstrate the Internet at KansasFest in 1993.

The IIGS was quickly cast aside in an age of 486es, UltraSPARCs, and an Internet that was quickly becoming ubiquitous. Obsolete computers were forgotten as the nerds had a revolution to attend to.

The new story began in early 2007 with the realization that despite being outdated, obsolete, and antique, the one thing the IIGS is not, is replaced.

You can reach Christopher at cshepher@ieee.org. He also reads comp.sys.apple2.