Turbo Cube Restoration Begins


(Click title for larger picture)

Since the new Apple IIGS building project went so well, I decided to clean up and restore the NeXT cube as well. I did not want to use the 90-pound Hitachi CRT (although I do still have it, sadly enough), but the Samsung Syncmaster 712N LCD supposedly does Sync-on-Green. The Cube has a full 128M of RAM and 128M of NeXTDimension RAM, as well as the Turbo CPU board with the last firmware revision (which allows use of ADB peripherals, although I do not use them, as well as SCSI CDROM booting). The project currently awaits an SVGA-to-13W3 cable and a new root disk (the current one is kaput) in order to be operational. Those should be in place soon. I also have tons more NeXT loot to add to this display, so I'll get more pictures up soon.