Oversampler Sound Driver Demo

Today, I took advantage of a marvellous rain shower to integrate my basic GS/OS "shell" program that draws a basic menu bar and goes into a TaskMaster event loop, with a sound player that, although recoded by hand, is still a shameless ripoff of Oversampler technology. The end result, though, is to demonstrate a version of this technology that works well and can be integrated into a TaskMaster-style event loop. This fulfills the first milestone of my upcoming product's development. The next milestone involves getting familiar with Lucas' Generic Tile Engine and adding a scrolling tiled map into the mix. At that point, the results will begin to get progressively more exciting, I hope.

The Merlin 16+ Source link, will display the source to the GS/OS program, while the "ShrinkIt Demo Archive" link contains an actual playable music file as well as the built GS/OS program that plays it. It's a little over 900 lines of source, and is probably the nicest thing I've ever done on the GS so far. It works perfectly on Super-GS.

Just something to show you I've been working. :)


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